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    CONCACAF has staged a women's nations championship since 1991, first called the CONCACAF Women's Championship and then renamed the Women's Gold Cup in 2000. Initially held as a biennial event, it was altered to a quadrennial championship after 2002 to be in line with the Women's World Cup.

    North American teams have dominated the event, with the United States having won six of the eight titles contested and Canada the other two.

    In 2000, CONCACAF invited Brazil and China to compete as guest teams, but discontinued the practice after that. The 2006 competition was staged as a single-elimination, or knockout event in Miami and Los Angeles.

    CONCACAF is assured of two berths in the 16-nation World Cup field, with a third team entering a playoff with a side from another confederation for an additional berth.


    CONCACAF Women's Championship

    Year   Venue                                Champion                World Cup Qualifiers

    1991   Haiti                                   United States           United States

    1993   United States                   United States                   ---

    1994   Canada                             United States           Canada, United States

    1998   Canada                             Canada                     Canada, Mexico, United States


    CONCACAF Women's Gold Cup

    Year    Venue(s)                          Champion                  World Cup Qualifiers

    2000   United States                   United States                    ---

    2002   United States, Canada  United States            Canada, United States

    2006   United States                   United States            Canada, United States


    CONCACAF Women's World Cup Qualifying

    Year    Venue                                Champion                 World Cup Qualifiers

    2010   Mexico                                Canada                     Canada, Mexico

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